Bocci 28 Series Pendants

Designed by Omer Arbel


28 pendants are designed either to cluster in hexagonal shapes, where the pendants nestle into one another, or to be composed with random drop lengths in an ambient manner similar to their distant cousins, the 14 series. Standard 28 pendants are blown with a clear glass exterior sphere and an opaque white interior cavity along with one to three clear satellites. The 28 series is also available in smoked grey glass and an infinite variety of colour options.






Making the 28











































28 from Vancouver to Milano






 Click on the picture to download Opaque satellite or translucent satellite colours

(satellites = bubbles)






 Click on the picture to download Opaque or translucent colours









Click here to download file with standard configurations


 Bocci's 28 series is an exploration of fabrication process. Instead of designing form itself, here the intent was to design a system that produces form. Bocci developed a method with loose parameters that produces a different shape in every iteration of the fabrication procedure, thus every 28 created is unique from any other in existence.

The 28 pendants result from a complex glass blowing technique performed in Bocci's glass atelier in Vancouver, whereby air is intermittently introduced and then removed from a glass matrix, which is heated and then rapidly cooled. The result is a distorted spherical shape with a composed collection of inner satellites (bubbles), one of which is made of opaque white milk glass and houses either a low voltage and replaceable xenon (12V 20W) or proprietary, dimmable, and replaceable LED.

Coloured 28 pendants are hand blown specifically for each chandelier. The colours reflect an endless variety of mood and palette and are created in one of two formats; either with the entire outer sphere blown from coloured glass, or maintaining the clarity of the exterior sphere and introducing colour through the satellites only.


  Petros Pieros Ltd.    Limassol, Cyprus.