Palma - 1

Palma by Vibia
Design by Antoni Arola



Palma - 2


The design of Palma has  at its origin the beauty of hanging gardens. It introduces vegetation associated with indoor  lighting. It aims at a re-naturalisation process  of our daily environments.
Palma - 3
Palma - 4
Palma - 5
Palma - 6
Palma - 7
The wall lights redefine the classical globe with new horizontal and vertical fittings on a large scale combined  with vegetation.
Palma - 8
Palma - 9
Palma - 10
Palma - 11
 Palma - 12
Palma - 13
Palma - 14
The floating effect is attained through its multiple configurations, the almost imperceptible suspension, a unique cable system and the hoops that wrap the spheres. Its capacity to create ambience increases with additional fixtures like a luminous hanging garden.


  Petros Pieros Ltd.    Limassol, Cyprus.