Chlorophilia by Artemide

Design by Ross Lovegrove


It is a highly scenic, yet light suspension appliance that, when switched on, unveils a contrast of delicate shades interacting with space and completing it. Its body contains a LED COB that works as a heatsink, as well as light phytomorphic elements made of moulded technopolymer, which combine the gently wavy texture with an uneven section that works as an optical lens.


Project: Amathus Beach Hotel in Limassol Cyprus



Project: Private Villa in Limassol Cyprus






The suspended central body emits indirect light, which is filtered and refracted by three clear surfaces, whose natural shape recalls natural elements, leaves. 




Chlorophilia defines an optical and building principle, which can be reproduced by multiplying its elements to create compositions that develop on multiple levels in space or whose width is expanded.   




 Customised application




  Petros Pieros Ltd.    Limassol, Cyprus.