Manhattan & Manhattan Remix

Murano chandelier by Barovier & Toso


Manhattan Remix: A cascade of glass with a Seventies flavour designed by Alessandro Piva in 2009, particularly popular with architects and interior designers, is now transformed into a chandelier suitable for accompanying installations of the original model or in its own right. Nine models, two heights, seven, nine or twelve lights. The lampshades are in textile.


Manhattan:  Dark, chrome-plated steel cornices are suspended in space, providing frames where bubbles of multicolored blown glass float in the air. Manhattan also comes in completely white glass, with three different compositions (one, three or four steel cables), and in two heights. Low energy consumption halogen spotlights or LEDs  are built into the chrome-plated slab.






Manhattan Remix









  Petros Pieros Ltd.    Limassol, Cyprus.