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bticino MyHOME  system offers COMPLETE integration by selecting one or more modules: There is communication between ALL modules. Everything comes from the same manufacturer!!

Create an atmosphere. To recreate with a single touch the perfect lighting, air- conditioning, and sound from different preset situations: relax, waking up, leaving home or watching TV. Touch screen interactive functions. Screens from 1.2 to 10 inches are available in a variety of shapes to best suit viewing requirements and handling.Local control by iPad. Your iPad becomes a remote control for lighting fixtures, blinds, curtains, shutters and much more.Multimedia content from PC or image from digital video entry panel. These features, together with home automation function management, are available on the 10" Touch Screen.Personal Computer. Loading room layouts and/or pictures and set your home automation functions from your PC.


The modules:

1. Lighting & Shutters

2. Sound System

3. Burglar Alarm

4. Video Door Entry System

5. Access Control

6. Energy Management – Air conditioning & Heating

7. PABX Telephone System

8. CCTV Video Surveillance System (analogue or digital HD)

9. Wiring Accessories

10. System Integration & Control (this page)



iPad with MyHOME BTicino application


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Integration and Control through MyHOME

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10 inch touch screen available in black or white



The human touch


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Below there is a series of 6 short videos showing a typical day of a modern family and their interaction with the automation system from the time they wake up until the time they go to sleep. 



 The alarm goes off. It is time to wake up.


7:00 Wake up!



Everybody in now ready to leave the house.


8:00 Everybody's out



The alarm goes off. Is there a burglar at the house? 


12:30 Do you believe in magic?



The family returns home. 


16:30 Home sweet home



Friends have arrived at the house.


19:30 Friends



It is time to sleep. 

23:00 Sweet dreams





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